Tipis and Whurlies

Yes it is possible to have a tipi or aboriginal style whurlie of your very own.

Gentle Earth Walking tipis are made using Australian canvas which has been water and mould proofed.
Poles are made from Corsican Pine, which we believe provide the best combination of strength, lightness and beauty.

Due to the individual construction of these Tipis, we are able to produce tipis to any required specification.

You may specify size, colour, tribal design or weight of the canvas.  We like the Lakota tipi style – it is based on a tripod and is strong beautiful and very functional.
The main cost of any tipi is in the purchase of the canvas, thus size and canvas weight have the greatest influence on price.
We recommend 12 ounce canvas for the cover, and 8 ounce canvas for the lining. Cover colors are Natural (creamy white) or Light Sand ( beige-ish)


Popular sizes are:

12′ diameter …..Hunting lodge – very easily transported and erected.
14′ diameter …..Travellers lodge – easily transported and erected.
…………………………….Sleeps 4. Great for 2 adults.
16′ diameter ……….Larger Travellers lodge/ meditation space – easily transported and erected. Sleeps 4 – 6.
…………………………….Excellant spare room, guestroom kids rumpus or healing space.
18′ diameter ……….Great size. Sleeps 6. Family living. Healing tipi. Fits massage table
20′ diameter ……….Spacious size. Comfortably sleeps 6. Family living or teaching.
22′ diameter ……….Council lodge. Great Teaching space.
25′ diameter ….. ….Council lodge. Breathtaking space.


Prices include GST and are subject to change and current as of January 2014

Diameter without poles with poles No. of poles
10′ (no lining)     8oz canvas$1200 $1700.00 11
12′ (no lining) $1600.00 $2300.00 11
14′ $2600.00 $3700.00 14
16′ $3000.00 $4700.00 15
18′ – 19′ $3300.00 $5300.00 17
20′ $3600.00 $6100.00 18
22′ $4100.00 $6900.00 20
25′ $4900.00 $8500.00 23


Please Note:…..Poles require a large input of labour.

Replacement poles for existing customers (have purchased their tipis from us) will be as above.

Poles without canvas will be the above plus 20%

If you wish to prepare your own poles, we will help with advice on how to go about doing this.

Delivery and erection of your tipi, on your site, whilst teaching you the “pitching proceedure”, is free within half an hour travel radius of Daylesford; and by agreement elsewhere.
Delivery by road is possible and  anywhere in Australia.

Paint Service: We can paint/decorate your tipi cover using your art work or ours. Price ranges from $500 – $2000 approx. depending on detail required.

Yours in peace and beauty, Sue and Don.

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